Can I send my clothes to ReCircled?

At the moment we work directly with Brands.


If I have clothing that I want to put back into the circular economy, what should I do?

Look at each garment or accessory, then look up the brand and see if they have a take back program.  If not, there are many online or physical store that will resale your item if it is in good shape.  If not, consider giving to a charity. 


How is the cleaning done at ReCircles?

In most cases we try to use CO2 cleaning.  This is uses the least amount of water and is the future of all commercial cleaning.   In some cases we do need to use traditional cleaning methods. 


What kind of energy is used at ReCircled Factories?

With our new buildings we only use renewable energy.  In existing buildings that we rehab, we move to renewable at the soonest date possible.


If I have a small brand will ReCircled work with me?

YES!  We are big believers in the circular economy and we need to be the infrastructure that insures most clothing is recycled and does not go to landfills.  See the information on the footer of this site and we can start the conversation.